Nutrition Coach

Your first appointment (here in Kathryn's Buford, GA studio) is complimentary and will include:

  • Fitness Assessment
    • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
    • Measurements
    • Weigh In
    • Body Fat Percentage (measured with monitor)
    • BMI (Body Mass Index)
    • Static Posture Assessment
    • Performance Assessments
  • Goal Setting, which will be based on what you, the client, want to achieve and will include:
    • Introduction to some exercises
    • Integrating nutritional strategies
  • Plan Development
    • Determine how client should move forward with her future workout and nutrition plans

At the time of your appointment - we will review what you have been eating and at what times of day you usually eat as well as your exercise routine. We will also write down your starting Weight, Body Fat %, BMI, and your measurements. We will then work together to customize a plan that works with your lifestyle to achieve YOUR goals. Usually your customized plan will be one of the following, or a customized combination of two or more of the following:

Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond - this plan focuses on detoxing, cellular cleansing, and creating an ongoing healthy lifestyle. When you remove toxins and add nutritional supplements your body will naturally release excess weight because as you eliminate the toxins your body no longer has the need for the fat it created to protect the body from the toxins. The key is to make this a lifestyle change of eating clean and nourishing your body. Of the people that Kat has coached on this program (and have stuck with it as written for 30 days) the average weight loss is 10 pounds in first 30 days.
Moderate exercise is recommended.
Click here
for more information about this plan and call Kat direct (770) 365-2855 to place order for the full nutrition set $275.

Lean & Green - while this plan also includes detoxing - this plan is a little more focused on losing weight and building lean muscle mass. You eat strictly lean proteins and green vegetables until you reach your goal weight. Then you add back in your other vegetables, fruits, and healthy carbs. Kat recommends the Paleo lifestyle to maintain your ideal weight. Of the people that Kat has coached on this program (and have stuck with it as written for 30 days) the average weight loss is 15 pounds in first 30 days with a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes of exercise per day alternating cardio and strength building as recommended.
Note: If you do not include proper nutritional supplements then you will not reduce the toxic density and will regain the weight.
Click here for more information about this plan and call Kat direct (770) 365-2855 to place order for the full nutrition set $275.

Paleo - this is the ongoing lifestyle that Kat recommends for maintaining your ideal weight. Click here to learn more.

7-Day Cleanse - this is for someone who has a special event coming up that they need to drop 5 to 10 pounds quickly for. Yes, it includes detoxing but also reduces calories just a little bit so keep in mind that if this plan is continued for more than one week for additional weight loss it would not be the sustainable kind of weight loss. To maintain what you've lost in this first week - you must switch to a sustainable plan after the first week of this 7-Day Cleanse. For this reason - Kat does not post the details for this plan and requires a one-on-one coaching session prior to recommending the plan for you. Each person that Kat has coached through this 7-Day Cleanse has had a weight loss of 10 pounds in just one week, so far without exception.

Nutritional Rebalancing

With the increase of toxins within the environment and foods we eat, it is not surprising that the majority of people are at a level of toxicity that is past the point that the bodies own natural detoxification system can cope with.

Chemicals and toxins can build up in your system and cause problems regardless of your body weight. But when body fat begins to accumulate, that usually means toxins are accumulating too. The body retains fats as a way to protect the vital organs in the body from the toxins that we ingest (anything it does not recognize as nourishment). Body fat accumulation, especially around the mid section, is a visible sign of toxic build up and a good indication that the liver is not functioning as efficiently as it should.

If toxins build up faster than they can be eliminated, in an attempt to protect your organs, your body will actually make body fat for the specific purpose of storing toxins as far away from vital organs as possible. This fat is particularly stubborn fat that is very difficult to lose unless you decrease the toxic load and you do something to help your body detoxify.

Dieting (calorie cutting) and/or exercise alone results in fat loss but the toxins remain. This increases the toxic density. This results in rebounding as this toxic overload triggers the body's need to create fat, therefore weight is regained.

Cellular Cleansing (detoxing and nourishing the body) removes toxins from the body giving the body a chance to repair and strengthen itself - and when the toxins disappear, guess what happens to the protective layer of fat? Yes, that disappears too!

Maintaining nutritional balance keeps the body naturally lean while continuing to eat clean manages toxins. The key is - do not put toxins back in. Eat only foods and nutritional supplements that nourish your body. If you eat foods that your body does not recognize as nourishment then your body will again create fat to store the toxins in and weight is regained.

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