Lean & Green

As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Kat's focus is on making healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining a healthy "happy weight". What is your "happy weight"? The weight that you are both, HEALTHY, and HAPPY with what you see in the mirror. If you weigh 300 lbs and you are completely happy at that weight AND you are HEALTHY (as in no problems with your blood sugar and A1C levels, blood pressure, fatigue, cholesterol levels, etc...) then stay at that weight. But if you are not healthy - then please, please get healthy!! Get to a weight that you are happy with AND most importantly at your optimum health. Living Life to the Fullest

Focusing on "Lean & Green" (lean proteins and green vegetables) is a way to lose weight (as fast as possible without loosing too fast) if you need to lose a few pounds before going into our healthy living maintenance program.
IMPORTANT NOTE: as with any diet or nutrition plan, consult your physician before starting.
Ask for Kat's "SBC Nutrition Diary" detailing out the step-by-step from trial and error that took Kat from 149.5 to 118 lbs.

Once you have reached your recommended goal weight - Kat recommends the Paleo lifestyle for maintenance.

Dairy? Please click here to read both the pros and cons of consuming dairy. I suggest eliminating it for 30 days, then try it to see what the effects are on your body before making a decision.

Nuts? Please click here to read details on each nut before choosing nuts as a snack.

And click here to learn why I've elimated all grains from my own lifestyle and nutrition plan.

Are you ready to take Kat's 28-Day Challenge?? Click here to get started but be sure to come back to this page for tips below:

Meal prepping to take "Lean & Green" lunches:

Tip #1 - Choose one day per week to prep all your lunches and/or suppers that you will need to plan for away from home. I personally do this right after church on Sunday afternoons and here are some of my favorite recipes for this purpose:

Tip #2 - When planning your meals away from home do not forget to pack your morning and afternoon snacks. For your 9:30am snack choose:

and for your 3:30pm snack choose one of:

Planning ahead and packing your cooler for the day will make it so much easier for you to stick to your plan!!

For eating "Lean & Green" at your favorite restaurants:

Tip #1 - Decide BEFORE you arrive at the restaurant what you will be ordering by looking at their menu online at a time when you are not hungry.

Tip #2 - As soon as your Server comes over to take your drink order ask them NOT to bring any bread.

Tip #3 - Order water w/lemon as your drink. Why lemon? Click here.

Tip #4 - Almost any restaurant you walk into has Romaine Lettuce, Grilled Chicken & Balsamic Vinaigrette so you can always ask them to make you a Grilled Chicken Salad on Romaine Lettuce with a Balsamic Vinaigrette. However, due to some ingredients in processed dressings and the sugar content - I recommend you make your own homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette and take with you. Click here for that recipe. Optional add-ons for your salad: cucumbers, green bell peppers, fresh broccoli.

Examples from Kat's favorite restaurants:

Mimi's French Cafe

Chicken Chop Salad
Slow-roasted chicken breast, red & green bell peppers, mandarin orange slices, basil, cilantro, chopped cabbage and romaine lettuce tossed in sesame dressing with fried wontons and sesame seeds (ask them to leave off the orange slices, the fried wontons and give you balsamic vinaigrette instead of the sesame dressing. Also ask that they NOT bring any bread or muffins)

Longhorn's Steakhouse

Flo's Filet 6 oz. with a side of Steamed Broccoli or Asparagus


Bonefish Grill

Chilean Sea Bass or Ahi Tuna Steak with a side of French Green Beans

McCormick and Schmicks

Grilled Atlantic Salmon and a Side Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Ted's Montana Grill

Ask for their Gluten Free Menu and order Ted's Bison Filet or Cedar Plank Salmon with a side of Roasted Asparagus


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