About the Beauty Coach:

Atlanta based freelance makeup artist, Kat Pfender (previously known as Kat Flynt) was best known for her clean makeup applications that enhance the natural beauty.  With more than 20 years experience and a clientele that spanned the eastern United States from Atlanta to New York, her body of work – which included television commercials, video productions, print advertising, catalogues, and fashion editorials – exemplified her ability to enhance the natural beauty of the face as well as creating flawless, modern looks specifically for each project or special occasion. 

Kat first got her start applying makeup for an Atlanta area studio's glamour shoots in 1993. From there she began receiving requests to do bridal makeup and entire wedding parties. In early 2002, after nine years of successfully proving her natural talent and self taught skills, she chose to continue her education and become a licensed Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist). Kat continued to pursue her education over the next few years during which time she also served on the freelance teams for Chanel, MAC and Bobbi Brown before moving on to the fashion and commercial advertising side of the industry.

Fall of 2003, Kat refocused her makeup career, turning more towards fashion editorials, print advertising and television commercials. For the next ten years her primary focus was makeup for print advertising, television commercials and video productions. Highly skilled at clean, fresh, modern makeup application (both traditional and airbrushed), she brought to every job an aptitude for organization, creativity, and a positive attitude. 

In 2006 Kat began mentoring new makeup artists and in 2010 chose once again to continue her education to become a Licensed Esthetic Instructor and enrolled in the Instructors Program at the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics. Now, Kat is the owner and lead instructor at www.AtlantaMakeupAcademy.com as well as a Substitute Instructor for the makeup chapter of the Esthetics program in several schools throughout the Atlanta area.

In 2013, after two years of focusing on getting healthy, Kat pursued continued education in nutrition and personal training and later that year completed her certification in both nutrition and as a personal trainer. Also, in 2013, Kat got married, changing her name from Kat Flynt to Kat Pfender and a year later retired from working as a Makeup Artist on the commercial side of the business to focus more on her private clientele. Kat provides makeup lessons and makeup applications for her growing list of preferred clients in the Atlanta area and also travels throughout the Southeast mentoring new makeup artists and helping them launch their own beauty, health & wellness businesses in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi and Alabama.

Kat's Own Transformation Story:

I began my journey to get healthy in 2011 at 149.5 lbs (too much for only 5'2") and in danger of Type Two Diabetes. At 47 years old I knew that I needed to do it now and not put off getting healthy any longer. Tomorrow never comes - you must start TODAY!!

For me, I knew if I did not make it a daily habit then I would not stick to it, therefore my personal trainer divided my workout routine into short, every day, appointments doing 30 minutes of cardio on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 30 minutes of strength training on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I also knew that I must do it first thing in the morning or I wouldn’t do it.... so, I show up at 6:00am every day Monday through Saturday, taking only Sunday off.

I started working out long before I changed my eating habits and even though I gained a little strength - it was not until I started eating “Lean & Green” that I started seeing real results, then I lost 30 lbs in just under 6 months and brought my Body Fat % down from 36% down to 24%. I continue to maintain my weight below 120 by continuing to eat “Lean & Green” on any day that my weight is above 120 lbs and if my weight is below 120 lbs. then I take a “Free Day” but still staying close to plan. My "before" photos were taken sometime early in 2011 before I started working out but it wasn't until early 2012 that I changed my eating habits and began losing weight. My "after" photos were not taken until October 2012 after maintaining weight loss a few months.


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